The children pictured on our site are so cute and so happy that you might think they are professional models, but they are actually our family of kids, having fun while in our care!


Owner of LPL: Gary Oman
Little People’s Landing is a local, family-owned company started by Terry and Gary Oman in 1982 (pictured here). The first school, designed and built by the Oman’s sits on the corner of Chatfield and Wadsworth. LPL was the first child care company in Colorado to open a licensed infant/toddler center, and was considered the prototype for future infant toddler centers.
Owner of LPL: Terry Oman

Facilities Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance: Matt Oman
Matthew Oman, Facility Maintenance Officer, grew up in the Company moving up through the company from infancy to his current position. Matthew now has two children of his own at our Littleton LPL which makes the third generation of Oman’s “in the business.”
Facilities Maintenance: John Shea
John Shea, Facility Maintenance, has been with LPL since the inception of the company 35 years ago through his association with the Omans. John is well known in all the LPL centers by children who know John on a first-name basis.

Information and Technology Officer

IT Officer: Steve Oman
Steven Oman, also second generation Oman family, is corporate Information and Technology Officer for LPL and has also moved up the ranks since attending LPL as an infant and working “ground zero” at several of our schools through his college career.

Regional Directors

Regional Director: Cheryl Groth
Cheryl Groth, Regional Director, has worked for LPL for 19 years, serving as Regional for the last 13 years. Cheryl began as the Director at our Fort Collins LPL and now serves as corporate support for all our schools.
Regional Director: Janet Bass
Janet Bass, Assistant Regional Director, has worked for LPL for 13 years, beginning her LPL career as the Director at our Highlands Ranch and Roxborough schools, before moving into her corporate support position.

Corporate Administrator

Corporate Administrator: Tammy Meunier
Tammy Munier, Corporate Administrator, has worked for LPL for 24 years, beginning as a teacher at our Littleton school and moving into Corporate management in 1997.