The children pictured on our site are so cute and so happy that you might think they are professional models, but they are actually our family of kids, having fun while in our care!


Christ Aid: Uganda Grandmas and Children

Christ Aid Newsletter

MS 150 Bike Tour in support of Multiple Sclerosis

The LPL Clippers team has participated in this charity every year since 1986. They ride 150 miles over two days. You can join the team too! This ride is manageable by all abilities and fitness levels. The ride is fairly flat with just a couple of good hills. They have sag wagons to get you to the top if you need help. There are rest stops every 8-12 miles that are theme related with lots of food and drinks, and overnight stay at CSU in Ft. Collins. This includes a great dinner and show. It is great fun, so get on board. Check it out at If you don't want to ride, consider donating to this great cause either online (LPL Clippers) or through your schools director. Let's Ride!

Bike-A-Thon for MS

We get the kids involved raising money for Multiple Sclerosis each summer with our annual Bike-a-Thon. Each school has this event. Kids can get pledges for each lap they ride or flat rate contributions. We make it fun with a racing theme, traffic lights, pit stops and more. The kids love it and they get their exercise. Best of all, we raise money for a great cause.

Denver Street Schools

We have been supporting Denver Street Schools for the past 7 years. This program takes underprivileged young adults off the street to educate them and get them ready to attend college. It is a specialized high school

K-Love Music Ministry

K-Love Music Ministry is a Christian Music station supported by its listeners. They have ministry staff to help and to share the word of

Race for the Cure

Every year LPL sponsors a team for the Race for a Cure in support of Breast Cancer. The team is made up staff, LPL parents, and friends. Everyone is welcome, so if you want to join our team, just let your Director know early. LPL provides a team item to help us find each other. It could be a hat, shirt, scarf or other team accessory to set us apart. We have people participating in each race including the family