The children pictured on our site are so cute and so happy that you might think they are professional models, but they are actually our family of kids, having fun while in our care!

Child Enrichment - Activities designed to expose children to activities they might never experience otherwise.

Rocket Day

Most children never get the opportunity to experience rockets, but not LPL kids. Every summer our Day Camp gets to build a rocket for their school. All of our schools then gather together and launch the school rockets and 20 to 30 others built by our owners and maintenance personnel. We have a large collection of rockets in different shapes and that do different things. Aliens, lunar lander, insect transporter, baseball bat and ball, camera, and one that scrambles an egg in flight are some of the favorites. We also have some large rockets…. up to seven feet tall! Children are selected to push the ignition buttons after a group countdown and then watch the LPL staff members compete to catch and retrieve the falling rockets. It is a great annual event.

Day Camp annual rocket day showing a rocket shooting off Day Camp kids looking up at rocket Day Camp watchs a large rocket shooting off

Camp out

Not all families like to rough it, so we give children the opportunity to experience a camp out. We set up tents in the great "out back" of the schools playground and kids bring their sleeping bags for a night of fun. Of course it wouldn't be a camp out without roasting hot dogs on a fire and making s'mores! The fun also includes activities like storytelling, crafts, scavenger hunts, and other games. In the morning the kids enjoy a hot breakfast. You would not believe how excited the kids get for this event. At least one staff member remains awake for the entire night to ensure the safety of the children.

Annual School Campout kids in a tent Campout with cooking hotdogs over the fire Girl enjoying a smore Campout group photo in front of the tents
Preschool and School Age trip shows two kids skiing Preschool and school age engage in ski school

Annual Ski Trip

Children get the opportunity to learn to ski from the professional instructors at Loveland Ski Area. We take care of everything including transportation, equipment rental, lunch, and snacks. This is truly a great way to start your child out in winter sports.

Preschoolers dressed in ski gear Teacher and before and after kids dressed in snow gear standing in front of the chair lift

LPL 2017 Ski Trip

Bike-A-Thon/MS150 Bike Tour

A Preschooler is ready for the bike-a-thon on her bike Preschool kids taking a break from bike-a-thon School age kids in bike gear

For over 23 years, LPL has a team of staff that rides the MS150 to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. We get the kids involved by holding a Bike-A-Thon at each school as well. The kids bring their bikes and trikes to school and ride laps. The children can also take pledges for their ride to raise money for MS. The children have a lot of fun, get plenty of exercise, and learn about charity.

Preschool riding their bikes

Great Playground Fun

Preschool kids standing on walking cups

Our playgrounds vary by school and by age group. Please check out our virtual tours to see the different playground equipment at each school. In addition to the static playground, we have a variety of toys and activities for outdoor play. Introducing new games and science activities also add to the fun! Of course in the summer, we add water!

Before and after school children playing with bubbles Toddler and preschool kids doing an obsticle course Highlands Ranch preschool kids playing basketball Highlands Ranch preschool children plaing on the fire engine aparatus Preschool kids have fun climbing onto an aparatus Littleton preschool teachers helping toddler down slide


Every January we head out to the National Western Stock Show with the children. They get to experience all the sights, sounds, and smells of the big stock show, see a rodeo and visit the petting zoo.

Roxborough preschool children petting the sheep at the rodeo petting zoo Roxborough preschool child posing with two rodeo girls Easter bunny visits the preschool and toddler children

Easter Bunny visit and Egg hunts

The Easter Bunny loves LPL and visits us every year. Willing kids get to take a picture with the Easter Bunny and we have some egg dying and egg hunts to practice for the big day.

LPL Highlands Ranch Easter Bunny Visit!
After school kids holding up ribbions Westminster preschool children doing potatoe sack races Littleton preschool kids playing a field day game

Field Day

Field day challenges kids to get physical with fun running and balance type games. We have events for all ages and everyone gets a ribbon.

Highlands Ranch preschool children playing in bumper balls Fort Collins Day Camp kids fishing

Fishing Trip

Who wouldn't want to go fishing on a hot summer day? Our Day Camp has a fishing trip every summer, so kids can learn about fishing and just have a good time. They also have a cook out and other fun activities/games. The kids also seem to find other things to catch like tadpoles, crawdads, and an occasional frog!

Pumpkin Patch

We welcome autumn with a visit to a sea of pumpkins. It's amazing how many pumpkins the children will check out before they finally settle on one! The rest of the activities will vary depending on the location. Some pumpkin patches include harvesting other vegetables, warm cider, hay rides, corn mazes, or other farm type fun.

Westminster preschool child next to large pumpkins Highlands Ranch preschool girl next to many pumpkins Loveland preschool class picture with lots of pumpkins

Special Attire Days

We have dress up days in conjunction with events, holidays and curriculum themes for the week. What fun! Some of the favorites are: western wear for Rodeo week, Wacky hair day, and Dress backward day.

Highlands Ranch preschool kids with clown face paintings Fort Collins children with crazy hair Arvada preschool kids in hawaiian attaire

Disney on Ice

Disney on ice characters represent our annual preschool field trip

Kids love to watch an ice skating show, but when it is full of Disney characters, it's twice as nice. We generally take the preschool aged children one or two times per year.

Rockies Game

Every summer the Day Camp heads out to the old ball game to see the Rockies play. We choose a covered area so the children are comfortable in the heat or if there is rain. If you haven't been to a Rockies game you may not even realize all the entertainment that goes on besides the baseball. How many times can we see ourselves on the Jumbo Tron this year??

Water Park

Summer just wouldn't be complete without a trip to Water World. The Day Camp will go there every summer. There is so much wet and wild fun to be had with your Day Camp friends! In addition to Water World, each school's Day Camp visits other swimming pools or smaller water parks. Children can also take swimming lesson during the summer.

Westminster day camp boys giving a thumbs-up at waterworld Fort Collins day camp kids having fun in the lazy river Littleton day camp silly group picture at waterworld Westminster day camp kids messing around in the water Loveland preschool children celebrating Dr Suess' birthday St Patricks Day party at louisville preschool

Class Room Parties and other fun things

Classroom parties add to the fun and excitement of childhood. Kids look forward to parties for holidays like Christmas, Valentine's Day, Saint Patrick's Day, and Halloween. We incorporate fun activities in conjunction with our curriculum. For example, during "Friendship Week" the kids learn about the importance of friendship and get to make friends with children from a neighboring LPL school. Then they get to enjoy a "friendship Lunch" together. Another example would be Teddy Bears. Children will study the history of the Teddy Bear and then bring in their own Bears for a "Teddy Bear Picnic."

Fort Collins preschool children eating green eggs and ham with dr suess hats

Amusement Park

Nothing beats the thrill of an amusement park, so we take the Day Camp to the tame rides and the seasoned Day Campers get to experience the thrills of the big rides. All ages seem to like the getting wet activities. It is a great start to our summer Day Camp.

Roxborough day camp children on a amusement ride Loveland day camp group picture at the amusement park Littleton day camp children on swing ride Roxborough preschool child getting swimming help from instructor

Swimming Lessons

Children have the opportunity to take summer swimming lessons. We transport them to local pools were they are taught by the swimming instructors. Besides learning to swim, they also learn about water safety. These are important lessons of childhood, and once children learn to swim, they will really enjoy pool play more because they are no longer scared of the water.

Littleton preschool children on the edge of swimming pool holding floaties At Arvada preschool swimming lessons, a swimming instructor is helping kids use their floaties

In school lessons

Each school will also offer other lessons based on child/parent interests or seasons. They may include things like dance, tumbling, sports, martial arts, or similar activities. This gives kids an opportunity to see where their interests lie.

child with electrostatic hair everywhere after playing with parachute during tumble boogie at our Loveland preschool

Stingray Club

Stingray Club is for school aged children and operates during the school year. They take about two field trips each month. These fieldtrips vary by school and encompass a wide variety of activities. They may include things like a factory tour, mall scavenger hunt, movie, ice/roller skating, rock climbing, laser tag, mini golf, museums, bowling, and more.

Loveland preschool demonstrates our raising the flag ceramony

Daily Flag Ceremonies

We proudly fly the American flag daily! The children have a small ceremony were they recite the "Pledge of Allegiance" and raise the flag. It's never too early to start learning about patriotism!

How About Some Messy Fun?

We are not afraid of messes here. It's really all a part of having fun while learning!

Littleton toddler children and teacher mixing stuff in a bowl Arvada toddler covered in orange stuff Louisville preschool children spreading blue goo over the table
Louisville preschool kid helping bake and playing in flour Littleton preschool child playing in art basket


circus performers

Every year we take the preschool age children to see the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The circus offers a huge variety of acts including lions, elephants, horses, zebras, birds, clowns, juggling, illusion, acrobatics and much more.

Fun within the community

Young children are always interest in things they can do when they grow up or in the special talents of people in our community. Guest speakers give children exposure to new and interesting things, and make their day special. Besides having special visitors, our kids are sometimes the guest. They may visit the local Fire or Police Department, see behind the scene at a local grocery store or restaurant, or visit a nursing home for caroling or Valentine cookies.

Littleton preschool has Native Indian dancers visit for thanksgiving Littleton Preschool has police men with police dog visit to talk about safety Arvada preschool child playing in fire truck with fireman helping him out

Captain Hooks Breakfast Club

Join Captain Hook and enjoy his delicious and nutritious breakfast club. Made fresh every day and approved by our nutritionist and the CACFP(Child and Adult Care Food Program), you cannot get a better breakfast for the money. The cost is $1.75/day or $8/week.

Highlands Ranch preschool serves a very healthy breakfast

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