The children pictured on our site are so cute and so happy that you might think they are professional models, but they are actually our family of kids, having fun while in our care!
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Day Camp (LPL Pirates)

  • Junior Broncos Training Camp
    Littleton Day Camp Jr. Broncos Traing Camp
  • Arvada Day Camp at the Zoo
    Summer Camp friends pose in front of flamingos at the Denver Zoo
  • Loveland kids playing in the water
    Cooling off in the water
  • Fort Collins Girl riding the mechanical bull at Buckaroos
    Riding a mechanical bull
  • Fort Collins Day Camp at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science
    The Fort Collins Pirates visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • Littleton Child on a climbing wall
    Having fun on the climbing wall
  •  Arvada Day Camp having fun in the grass
    Summer Camp kids having fun in the grass
  • Loveland Summer Camp playing in the water features
    Plaing in the water features
  • Fort Collins Boy climbing the climbing wall
    Climbing wall fun
  • Loveland Day Camper Hanging out on the wall
    Just hanging out on the wall
  • Playing on the mammoth structure
    Playing on the Mammoth Structure
  • Silly mustaches on the girls
    Girls with very silly mustaches
  • Going down the water slide
    Going down the water slide
  • Summer Camp at the pool
    Summer Camp at the pool
  • Loveland Summer Camp group picture
    LPL Loveland Summer Camp 2013
  • Arvada summer camp children on the mousewheel
    Playing on the mousewheel
  • Day Camp at the Rockies game
    Summer Camp at the Rockies game
  • Riding the Tiny Town Train
    Riding the Tiny Town Train
  • Swimming time
    Swimming time
  • Cool water fun
    Cool water fun

Little People's Landing simply has the finest day camp program for the money in the industry. We take the children on field trips 4 days a week and have an enrichment day one day a week in the summer. These field trips range from tours through various businesses, such as a bakery, dairy, etc. to hikes in the parks, fishing, the zoo, museums, and swimming trips to local "swimming holes". Our "anchor" field trips which occur throughout the summer are: an amusement park, Rockies game, white water (kid size) rafting, and a water park. When not on a field trip, the children spend time at a park or engaging in creative activities at the center. Our enrichment day will consist of a special activity for the day. Some examples will be bringing in special guests and activities, doing all day cooking projects, or specially themed all day projects.

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Day Camp also covers weekdays when children are not attending public school like in-service days and Spring, Winter, and Fall breaks.

Safety on Field Trips

  • Each child receives a water bottle to keep hydrated throughout the day.
  • Our signature LPL T-Shirts are bright red, so our kids are easily recognized and highly visible to staff.
  • Our teachers are trained in First Aid and CPR.
  • Every staff member is trained in child safety when hired and has ongoing training throughout the year.
  • Class counts are taken anytime children move from location to location, including between the LPL center and vans/buses, and every location change on field trips.
  • As always, we adhere to the state-mandated student/child ratios. If the event is attended outside of LPL, we often increase the number of staff to children ratio, if we feel the situation warrants it. Many times the facility being visited requires a certain ratio as well. We will adhere to this ratio as long as it does not exceed the state mandated student/staff ratio for the age group and it is not below LPL standards.
  • Day Camp Treasure Map of Field Trips
  • Our Day Camp offers a nutrition based menu featuring an optional Hot Breakfast, morning snack, healthy lunch, afternoon snack, and a 6:00 p.m. snack. Once per week, the Day Camp will have a cook out.

Examples of our educational field trips: Museums, Libraries, Planetarium, Rocket Day, Art Projects, Denver Zoo, Wildlife Parks, University Visit, and the Denver Mint.

Kids keep fit and have fun with a variety of physical field trips. Some examples: Sports, Rollerblading, Bicycling, Ice Skating, Hiking, Swimming, Field Day, Jungle Quest, Pump It Up, Apex Center, Mini Golf, Jr. Broncos Training Camp, House of Bounce, Water Parks, and a variety of local parks/playgrounds.

LPL Littleton Daycamp Created This Video!

Kids showing off their fun on field trips and amazing video editing skills!
  • boy catching a football at junior Broncos training camp
  • girl catching a football at junior Broncos training camp
  • children building crafts at a summer camp field trip
  • child climbing on apparatus during day camp
  • child displaying her craft she made during summer camp