The children pictured on our site are so cute and so happy that you might think they are professional models, but they are actually our family of kids, having fun while in our care!
Preschool child smiling with arms in the air

We believe that the pre-school experience prepares children academically, emotionally, and socially for elementary school. Additionally, we believe play is a vital element in a child's learning experience. It is a medium for self-expression and an excellent time to develop their individual thinking processes. The giant fish tanks, portholes and a nautical themed d├ęcor, provide a dynamic setting for children to learn how to build their interpersonal skills.


A child takes in more information between the ages of one to six than they do the remainder of their life. We know these formative years are critical to the development of your child's creative talents, positive self-esteem, and enthusiasm for learning. Little People's Landing provides a safe, nurturing environment for your child to grow and develop character.


LPL was established in 1982 as a Colorado Corporation headquartered in Littleton, Colorado. We are in business to serve children (as all child care providers are) however, we developed LPL to serve all of the family members as well as the individual child. We believe that families deserve programs that allow them to spend quality time with their children when they have the opportunity. Our programs and company structure are designed to maximize that concept. Family events like Christmas Programs, Family Luau and BBQ, Halloween Carnivals, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparent's Day, Ice Cream Social, Thanksgiving Feast, and more help to celebrate the importance of family. Services, like in school haircutting, portraits, Stretch-N-Grow exercise program, and swimming/dance/sports lessons, are offered so parents can spend more quality time with family. Services, like our Saturday night babysitting (Parent's Night Out) and All Day Shop (at Christmas time), give parent's the opportunity for adult time while leaving their child in the care of professional caregivers.

Special events, such as skiing, camping, rodeo, circus, fishing, Disney on Ice, rocket day, New Years Eve party, and a Rockies baseball game, allow the child to experience these activities if their parents are not inclined to take them to these types of events.