The children pictured on our site are so cute and so happy that you might think they are professional models, but they are actually our family of kids, having fun while in our care!

Infants (Tadpoles and Minnows)

Infants sitting at the table ready to eat

Our infants (age 6 weeks to 12 months) are cared for in a nursery designed especially for them. Separate sleep and play areas allow infants to follow their individual daily schedules of eating, sleeping, and exploring without affecting the other infants. Our cribs have short wall partitions on three sides. This gives our sleep areas a homey feel and allows children a more restful sleep. Play areas are stimulating, bright, clean, and colorful to encourage exploration. Babies are exposed to a variety of toys and activities to keep them interested and learning about their world.

Our Infant Nursery Supervisors are our most experienced staff members. The education and experience requirements are much higher for this position. We have many Infant Nursery Supervisors with ten to twenty years of experience!Teacher and infant doing art with feet and hands They supervise the activities in the nurseries ensuring the safest and healthiest care for your infant.

Infant smilingIf you spend a little time in our nurseries you will notice the care and dedication of our infant staff. They change activities often for variety. You will see them singing, reading, talking, playing games, teaching sign language, and involved in other multi-sensory activities designed to expand your child's ever growing horizons. You will also see a lot of hugs, cuddles, and comfort as they ensure your child feels safe and secure.

Little People's Landing provides baby food and our infant staff will present you with daily verbal and written communication about your child's day. is a new program being implemented at Little People's Landing. It is an application that has the ability to communicate in real time and with the app on android and iphone, can keep parents informed on the go and conviently. It also allows us to share photos and videos of the children directly to your phone or mobile device.