The children pictured on our site are so cute and so happy that you might think they are professional models, but they are actually our family of kids, having fun while in our care!
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Please call in advance

$10.00/hr - First Child
$7.00/hr - Second Child
$5.00/hr - Third Child

What is Parent's Night Out?

Parent's Night Out is a baby sitting service that Little Peoples Landing offers to all parents even if they do not have children enrolled with us. Parents can enjoy a night out for some adult time. They will feel secure knowing that their children are well taken care of and having fun with professional child care experts. Each school offers this service one Saturday night per month. Pick from any location and dinner is included. The cost is $10.00 per hour for the first child, $7.00 per hour for the second child and $5 per hour for the third child; and for LPL parents, $7.00 per hour for the first child and $5.00 per hour for any additional children. Let your friends and neighbors know so they can enjoy this service as well.

Check out the Highlands Ranch Preschool's fun PNO!

A fun Parents Night Out at the Highlands Ranch LPL preschool and child care

Melting Pot Perfect Parent's Night Out Deal!

The Melting Pot Louisville and Little Peoples Landing have joined up to provide the Perfect Parents Night Out! Enjoy a four course meal at The Melting Pot Louisville while knowing your children are well taken care of by our child care professionals.

  • This deal is valid only at the Melting Pot in Louisville
  • You must present the Parents Night Out Passport to receive 10% off your bill at The Melting Pot Louisville
  • You will receive the Passport from Little Peoples Landing when you drop your children off for Parents Night Out
  • Valid LPL locations are: Louisville and Arvada
  • Parents Night Out will be $7.00 per hour for the first child and $5.00 per hour for any additional children and LPL parents will receive and additional $1.00/hr off each child.
  • This deal is not valid with any other offers
The Melting Pot Louisville
732 Main Street
Louisville, CO 80027
Phone:(303) 666-7777
Fax:(303) 665-7904

Mad Science Themed PNO!

Children doin science experiments
Children doing static electricity with ballons on the body
Children eating swamp creatures for dinner

More Fun PNO Pics

Child painted clown face with clown figure craft made Children with fun spaceship food