The children pictured on our site are so cute and so happy that you might think they are professional models, but they are actually our family of kids, having fun while in our care!

Pre-School (Goldfish, Angelfish, Otters, and Seahorses)

Preschool children playing on tablets and computers

The preschool program encompasses several different classrooms that the children progress through as they get older and advance their skills. They are learning in a hands-on environment where they can use their creative abilities, expand their imagination play, and prepare their mental skills. We strive to teach them communication, manners, responsibility, respect, and other social skills they will need when entering elementary school.

Two kids reading a book together at preschool

They are expanding their ever-growing vocabulary skills and we are introducing concepts they will use for reading and math later on. We build on the curriculum methods already in place, and expand into new avenues for learning by introducing them to computers. Over time, the preschool program and curriculum becomes more structured to prepare each child for the transition into Kindergarten. Preschool children will advance their physical skills as well. Playground activities, games, and Stretch-N-Grow exercise programs burn off energy, expand motor skills, build team skills, and help to introduce children to the importance and fun of physical activity. The day will also include rest/nap time.

Teacher and child excited about doing preschool art

Children can participate in monthly field trips as the preschooler is exposed to a variety of activities. They may visit the zoo, go to the Stock Show and Rodeo, see Disney on Ice, enjoy a Circus, pick pumpkins, visit Casa Bonita, set off Estes Rockets on Rocket Day, and many other adventures. Most of the field trips center on the weekly curriculum theme, so that the children get to learn about and build excitement for their upcoming field trip.

Teachers encourage the natural curiosity of preschool children through large and small group activities, and a variety of learning centers. We balance the preschoolers need for independence with their need for a loving and secure environment.

kids excited about a blender experiment during preschool Science child smiling sliding down an inflatable slide on a preschool field trip

Preschool Field Trips

Normally, one to two times per month the preschool aged children get the opportunity to explore the world outside of their school by enjoying a field trip. This is always a great adventure! There are so many places to go and see. We vary the field trips to give these young explorers a variety of learning experiences and exposure to new things. Examples of some of our field trips are: farms, gardens, Human Society, fire stations, Garbage Garage (recycling), roller skating, pumpkin patch, dairy, Disney on Ice, rodeo, circus, aquarium, zoo, the Museum of Nature and Science, and many more. We suggest, but do not require, parents to purchase an LPL "T" shirt to wear on field trips.

Preschool kids having fun on school playground The grinch comes for a visit with the preschool kids Preschool girls having fun playing with shaving cream on their feet Happy Feet is a soccer program for the preschool children Swimming lesson for preschoolers allow for early swimming skill development Preschool gets to have fun at fall time with a bundle of leaves A preschool child about to throw a pie in the face of his teacher