The children pictured on our site are so cute and so happy that you might think they are professional models, but they are actually our family of kids, having fun while in our care!

Uniquely LPL - Activities designed to promote child health and assist the busy family

Parent's Night Out

Our Parent's Night Out (PNO) provides a Saturday Night Babysitting service, so parents can enjoy some alone time. Each PNO has a fun theme of activities that are exciting and different each month. Each center has one PNO each month, but Parents (and their friends) can utilize any this service at any of our centers. This means there are several Saturday nights to choose from. Dinner is available for the kids at an additional cost. Parent's get to enjoy a night out knowing their kids are having fun and being cared for by a professional childcare staff!

child getting a hair cut child getting a hair cut

Hair Cutting Service

Why spend your valuable family time running the kids around for a hair cut? We have professional stylists come into our schools and give haircuts at a reasonable price one-two times per month. Parent's sign up for this service and give instructions to the stylist about the desired haircut, so even if your child wants that Mohawk, it will be you who chooses the style!

child celebrating new years

New Years Sleep Over

Each year our centers host a New Year's Party and Sleep Over for kids. We want to give parents the opportunity to enjoy their New Year's Eve celebration while keeping their kids entertained and safe. It is particularly hard to find a babysitter for New Year's Eve. This service allows you to enjoy your night out knowing your kids are safe and cared for by professionals. The kids have their own party. We turn the clocks back and celebrate the New Year at 9:00 p.m. The kids spend the night, and have breakfast before being picked up.

Spring and Fall Portraits

We have portrait photographers take individual portraits of the children each Spring and Fall. There is no obligation to purchase portraits. In addition, we invite all families to have a portrait taken during the Fall, on a Saturday. Each family that has their portrait taken receives an 8X10 portrait, complements of LPL. This is just another way we say "Thank you" to all of the families that attend at LPL.

picture of coffee pot, flavors, sugar and cups

Fresh brewed Coffee

Enjoy a fresh cup of Joe on your way to work! We all know that mornings are hectic when you have kids, so let us make the morning coffee for you to enjoy after dropping off the kids!

Sammy the Seal Hand Sanitizers

Look for this cute little critter in our front lobby. This kid friendly seal is balancing a ball on his nose. He dispenses hand sanitizer for children and parents as they enter and exit our schools. He stops the spread of germs between home and school and helps kids learn about the importance of hygiene.

child jumping up in the air

Stretch-N-Grow Exercise Program

We hire the Stretch-N-Grow company to provide age appropriate exercise to the children in our schools. Kids get to develop motor and large muscle skills, learn about exercise, and have tons of fun. The cost is included in the tuition.

Rhythm & Rhyme Tyme

All Day Shop

We open our doors at noon, one Saturday in December, so parents can get some Christmas shopping or other preparation done. We know how strapped for time families are during the Holidays, and how hard it can be getting prepared for Christmas with children in tow. We normally combine this event with our monthly Parent's Night Out, so our schools will be open for babysitting from noon until midnight.

children with santa

Pictures with Santa

The real Santa loves LPL, and he visits each of our schools. We take a portrait of each willing child inSanta with an infant attendance and give that portrait to you, free of charge. You can also have more portraits printed, enlarged or made into Christmas cards at your local Walgreens. We provide this service, so you can avoid the long lines at the mall waiting for a photo with Santa!

kids looking through fish tank

Nautical Theme and Child Height Aquariums

We have a nautical theme that runs throughout our buildings and playground. Many schools also have aquariums mounted low to the ground for easy viewing. The children find the fish fascinating and calming.

Healthy and Nutritious Food Program

Our menus have been designed to follow the Child and Adult Care Food Program. This program is designed to provide a variety of healthy and nutritious, kid friendly foods. The goal is to improve the health and nutrition of food or kids in our care, while promoting the development of good eating habits. Our program has been approved, and meets the regulations governing child nutrition programs on quantity requirements and/or by definition. It meets the food and drug administration's standards of identity. The program meets the USDA's standards for meat and meat products and meets administrative policy decisions on the crediting of particular foods.

Sample Menus